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Fungus Gnats in Florida: The Unwanted Side Effect of Hurricane Ian

As the cleanup process is still ongoing after hurricane Ian, you might be finding little black bugs flying in and around your home, flying around your head and even up your nose! No, these are not drain flies or even fruit flies. They are called fungus gnats. You can tell the difference between these 3 […]

Lawn Care Tips for Post-Hurricane Recovery in Cape Coral, FL

It is hurricane season here in Southwest Florida, and we are just a few short weeks post, Hurricane Ian. Restoring life as it was before is in full swing. As life starts to get back to normal and people are back in their homes and life continues, you might start to see the effects of […]

How to Keep Rodents Out After a Hurricane in Lee County, FL

Hurricanes (tropical storms or even heavy rains during our rainy season) are as common in Southwest Florida as snowstorms are up north, so at some point, while living in paradise, you will experience hurricane conditions on some level. Recently, here in Lee county, we experienced the wrath of Hurricane Ian. The destruction and aftermath were […]

DIY Pest Control: Does it really work in Cape Coral & Fort Myers, FL?

We’ve all, at one point or another, purchased a bottle of bug spray in hopes of eliminating an insect or rodent problem. What homeowner hasn’t experienced the occasional bug, but what should you do when they keep turning up in your home? Pest control can be a major concern for homeowners and businesses in Cape […]

Bed Bug Infestation: How to Know If Your Cape Coral Home is Affected

If you’re a Cape Coral, FL, resident, you’re probably well aware of the prevalence of bed bugs in the area. These pesky insects are notoriously difficult to spot and can easily hide in the crevices of your mattress, furniture, and even your clothes. While they aren’t known to transmit diseases, their bites can be incredibly […]

How to Spot a Termite Infestation in Cape Coral, FL: The Early Warning Signs

Termite infestations can be a major problem for homeowners in Cape Coral, FL, as these pests can cause significant damage to your home’s structure. Fortunately, there are a few early warning signs that you can look for to identify a potential infestation. By knowing what to look for and being proactive about addressing any potential […]

Bed Bug Service Preparation Requirements

It’s well known that bedbugs can be notoriously difficult to eliminate once they infest a home unless homeowners do their part by coordinating with their pest control company. These top tips will help you and your pest management company get rid of bed bugs in Fort Myers: 1. Do not move any of your personal items and belongings to another home […]