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Prevent Termites In Five Easy Steps

Termites are found in Florida all year long, but they are especially active and abundant in the summer months. Colonies will swarm across Florida in the coming weeks, and without proper prevention, many homeowners can face unwanted infestations. Infestations can be devastating, costing thousands of dollars in property damage. Taking the right precautions can help […]

Does DIY Pest Control Really Work?

We’ve all, at one point or another, purchased a bottle of bug spray in hopes of eliminating an insect or rodent problem. What homeowner hasn’t experienced the occasional bug or rodent, but what should you do when they keep turning up in your home? Most pest control issues require a professional exterminator, but there are […]

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a huge problem, especially in the South. No one enjoys going outside only to be bitten by these super annoying pests. Not only do their bites hurt, but they are super itchy too. While there are pest control services in Cape Coral, FL, that can help eliminate these blood-thirsty annoyances in your yard, there […]

Florida Fire Season Is Here

Its fire season here in Florida – fire ants that is. Fire ants are a year-round pest, but their numbers swell in the hot summer months, as they prefer when temperatures range between 70-90 degrees over day and night. Few pests are disliked more than the dreaded fire ant, and while they don’t generally destroy property, they […]

How to Know If You Have an Infestation of Bed Bugs

A good night’s sleep can be elusive, and getting the rest you need is more difficult if pests are involved. Bed bugs in Fort Myers, FL, are a common problem. While their bites aren’t necessarily life-threatening, their presence can degrade the cleanliness and quality of life in your home. If you suspect that your home […]

Termite Treatments: Know the Signs of an Infestation

Among the many pests that can infest your property, few are more destructive than termites. Their existence poses distinct threats–not only to your health but also to the strength and value of your house. Since termites have the potential to destroy your property from the inside, it is crucial to request termite treatments in Fort […]

Bed Bug Service Preparation Requirements

It’s well known that bedbugs can be notoriously difficult to eliminate once they infest a home unless homeowners do their part by coordinating with their pest control company. These top tips will help you and your pest management company get rid of bed bugs in Fort Myers: 1. Do not move any of your personal items and belongings to another home […]

5 Steps for Flea Control and Prevention

Fleas are a very common problem with people who have outdoor pets, but how does your pet get fleas out of the blue when it was previously flea-free? How can you get rid of fleas when they invade your home? Pets can get fleas from roaming the outdoors or hanging around other flea-ridden animals, either […]

How Frequently Should You Treat for Termites in Florida?

Property owners should look to have their homes inspected each year for termites as a method of prevention. Termite treatments can last up to 13 years, depending on the type of termite treatments in Fort Myers, FL, that was used. For this reason and more, your pest control company can help determine a custom termite treatment plan […]

Florida Fall Pest Prevention Tips

Experts in pest control services in Cape Coral, FL, are quite busy during autumn as it’s the time when pests emerge to look for new water and food sources. Even though temperatures are not as cool as many other parts of the U.S., some Florida pests would rather stay in your home than in their nests. Here […]