How It All Started

I got started in 1989 when I started a commercial landscape maintenance business. I sub-contracted our pest control out for lawn & ornamental for a few years, when I realized they did not match the quality of work that my landscape Maintenace crew achieved. So obviously I had a need to bring a higher quality product to my customers. That is when I made the decision to learn about pest control. While I was running my own business, I took a part time job with a very good friend of mine that owned a pest control business. He was a quality operator and cared about the business and his clients. I leaned so much working for him for over 5 years that I eventually took my exams for the state and passed with over 96% on all my different classifications of licensing. After I received my licenses, we started doing our own pest control for the Commercial landscape maintenance company. At some point I realized that I wanted to expand into the residential market and Started American Allegiance Pest Control.

What Keeps Me Motivated

My motivation comes from My mom and Grandfather who both taught me that hard work and quality work will pay off if you keep with it. I thoroughly enjoy doing pest control as it allows me to meet many people that have problems with insects that I can solve for them.

What I Am Most Looking Forward To

I am most looking for my business to keep growing and to continue helping people stay bug free. I am also looking forward to enjoying life and my family as I grow older. I love passing my knowledge down to my technicians and to help them grow and become the best they can possibly be and instilling upon them that giving the highest quality work for a fair price is always the best approach. Maybe one day they will want to start out on their own and knowing I was part of educating them bring me happiness.


Michael E. Deschaine CPO
American Allegiance Pest Control

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