Does DIY Pest Control Really Work?

We’ve all, at one point or another, purchased a bottle of bug spray in hopes of eliminating an insect or rodent problem. What homeowner hasn’t experienced the occasional bug or rodent, but what should you do when they keep turning up in your home? Most pest control issues require a professional exterminator, but there are a few that can be controlled with DIY remedies. Read on to learn when DIY pest control is okay and when it’s best to call in the pros.

Using over-the-counter pesticides can be useful for eliminating the occasional pests, like ants. You might spray your home’s doorways, windows, garage, basement, and attic, but while these over-the-counter methods can be temporarily useful, they aren’t designed to last very long. 

Prevention is the best DIY pest control remedy you can practice. Some tips: store all of your trash in bins with a secure lid, clean your kitchen counters and floors regularly, also keep all branches and foliage trimmed and a few feet away from the house.

There is a time to call in the pros, and that’s when there is a risk for infection or structural damage. Termites, mice, and bed bugs in Fort Myers are just a few of the common critters you might find making your home their home.