How to Keep Rodents Out After a Hurricane in Lee County, FL

Hurricanes (tropical storms or even heavy rains during our rainy season) are as common in Southwest Florida as snowstorms are up north, so at some point, while living in paradise, you will experience hurricane conditions on some level. Recently, here in Lee county, we experienced the wrath of Hurricane Ian. The destruction and aftermath were catastrophic in parts of our county, leaving residents unable to get to their homes, some without homes and many with damaged homes or businesses. Downed trees, tree branches, and household debris everywhere.

The aftermath of a hurricane is crazy and confusing; so many things to worry about. Something that usually falls low on the priority list is the high winds and rain from the hurricane (or any storm, for that matter). Not only are we displaced, but it displaces wildlife and rodents and brings out pests. They seek new shelter, higher ground from the rain, and new places to breed and lay eggs. Below is something to consider while trying to get life back to normal.

  • Rodents are great swimmers, which means they are well-equipped to seek dry shelter during hurricane conditions.
  • Rain will flood lower-lying areas where rats hide and nest.
  • Strong winds will also damage nesting areas of rodents, forcing them to seek high ground, a.k.a. inside your home, up in your attic.
  • Hurricane debris (fallen trees, tree branches, tree trunks, displaced household goods) piled up along roads, in empty fields, or all over your property provides shelter for rats.
  • Loosened soil around holes and around the roots of fallen trees become ideal burrowing sites rodents.

While doing the cleanup around your home or business, keep in mind some of the following:

  • Clear debris that provides shelter for rodents around houses and buildings.
  • Trim back lawns and overgrown vegetation near your home to eliminate any potential protective covering they might present
  • Remove potential food sources such as household trash, spoiled or discarded food, or anything else that might attract mice and rats.
  • Place piles of debris and trash as far away from your home or business as possible.
  • Inspect your home or business exterior. New gaps in siding, soffits or other details can provide rats with easier access to sheltered areas such as your crawlspace, attic, or even wall voids.

There are so many things to worry about after a hurricane. To wrap up, if you are dealing with a rodent problem in Southwest Florida after a hurricane, it is essential to take the necessary precautions to prevent the infestation from spreading. While cleaning up debris and sealing up entry points can help, it is always best to contact pest control experts at American Allegiance Pest Control if the problem persists.

Their professionals have the knowledge and equipment to remove rodents and prevent future infestations effectively. Do not hesitate to seek help, as addressing the issue promptly will protect your home and health from further damage. Let the professionals here at American Allegiance Pest Control take care of any and all of your rodent control and or pest control needs in Lee County, FL.