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Mosquitoes: Summer’s Most Annoying Pest

Mosquitoes can make enjoying the outdoors painful, literally. These persistent pests can quickly turn a fun pool day or a relaxing park trip into an unpleasant experience when they make you their next meal. Not only are they annoying and painful when they sting you, but there is also the chance for allergic reaction to the site. Mosquitoes also pose many health risks, including the West Nile and Zika viruses.

The Florida heat and humidity are ideal conditions for these pests, so mosquito protection and control around your home is a must. First, you should know that their most active time of day is around dusk, so avoid going out as it starts to become dark and wear proper bug protection if you are outside. The afternoons, during the hottest and sunniest time of the day, are their least active biting times.

To prevent an infestation around your home, and reduce the likelihood of your family and children being bitten, you’ll want to reduce any standing water on your property. This includes eliminating areas that tend to accumulate water such as clogged gutters, landscaping water features, or birdbaths.

Avoiding their active time and reducing opportunities for water to accumulate are great mosquito prevention control measures you can take. However, if you already have an infestation, you’ll want to have it taken care of immediately with pest control services in Cape Coral, FL. Contact American Allegiance Pest Control to schedule an appointment today.

Tick-Proof Your Lawn This Summer

The last few years have seen a steady increase in the number of ticks found in Florida. These disease-transmitting pests are now commonly found in backyards all across the country and are no longer limited to the deer ticks most associated with Lyme disease. Today, there are over 30 different species of disease-carrying ticks and they can reside almost anywhere.

Keeping your family and pets safe this summer from ticks and their potential health effects are necessary so you can enjoy your yard without worry! Don’t wait until you’ve found a tick on yourself, your child, or your animal before taking action. Being proactive can help prevent ticks before they become a problem.

Cut Your Grass: Mowing your lawn to the correct height, typically about 3 inches, will reduce the likeliness of a tick infestation since they hide in the long grass. It’s also a good idea to use the bagging attachment with your lawn mower because leaving lawn clippings behind can create the perfect environment for ticks.

Eliminate Clutter: Keeping the yard clean from debris like excessive leaf litter, tall weeds, brush, or piles of lumber helps to eliminate potential habitats for ticks to reproduce and hide.

Pest Control: Having the yard sprayed by professional pest control services in Cape Coral, FL, will eliminate ticks in their larval stages and kill off inaccessible ticks. The application forms a barrier that blocks out unwanted pests. An American Allegiance Pest Control technician will come to your home to personally evaluate the area to determine the right steps to take to get rid of and prevent ticks. Our tick barrier treatment approach will safely eliminate ticks from the yard, making it safe for pets and children.