Safeguarding Pets During Extermination Treatments

If your home has been invaded by bugs, mice, or other unwanted pests, it’s necessary to call a professional exterminator. During service, while it’s easy for you and your family to leave home, it might be harder to remove your pets. So how do you keep them safe?

First, close contact with any professional pest control chemical could be harmful to your pet. But so is the stuff you buy over the counter. By nature, the whole point of insecticide or rodenticide is to destroy the creepy-crawly creatures invading your home. The trick is to keep pets away from the chemicals until they’ve dispersed in the air.

Fortunately, pest control professionals know where to apply the extermination treatments to help mitigate the risk for your pets. Often pests and bed bugs in Fort Myers, are hiding in tight dark spaces – places where your large dog doesn’t fit anyway. At American Allegiance Pest Control, we use only the minimal amount of products necessary to eradicate the pests from your home effectively.

Before your next treatment, speak with a technician about your options. Because while most pest control treatments don’t affect pets and are considered safe, we know that cats and dogs use their noses to explore and can easily end up inhaling unsafe fumes.