Effective Options for Rodent Control in Fort Myers, FL

As a homeowner, you have enough to deal with without the fear of pest issues in your space. Unfortunately, your home is at risk of more than just bugs and other insects. Nature poses a series of other dangers for every space, including rodents and rats. With our services for rodent pest control in Fort Myers, FL you will keep out these furry critters. At American Allegiance Pest Control, our goal is to treat your wildlife issues without the need for poison and other harmful solutions. Our team proudly offers a wide variety of different options for all types of creatures, with an emphasis on roof rat removal services. Call us today to request our assistance at your location.

Roof Rat Removal

Keeping your home clean and free of crumbs is one way to avoid pest issues. However, this step is often not enough to prevent the threat of a wildlife infestation. Rodents can be found everywhere in nature, and they are attracted to any type of food, water, or shelter. Here in Florida, the roof rat is the most common invader. These pests thrive in attics, palm trees, shrubs, and other areas.

Are you hearing strange sounds in your walls and ceilings? You may be surprised to learn that these noises are due to a rodent infestation. With the right rodent pest control services from our team, you will do away with these pests. Our effective treatments include top options for roof rat removal. Whether you have a couple of rodents or a full infestation of these creatures, we are here to help you eliminate these threats before they can lead to further problems.

Treating Your Rat Infestation

While most homeowners want to remove unwanted pests from their spaces, many would prefer to take a humane approach to their rodents pest control services. At our company, we proudly offer safe and effective household pest extermination treatments.

How does your rodent removal work? When you work with us for your services, we locate any areas around your home where the rodents can gain access and do specific exclusion work to ensure they stay out. We then place traps inside the home to catch all remaining rodents that may still be inside the home. By using this method, you will eliminate the risk of rodents without causing potential issues for your pets and children.

Contact us in Fort Myers, Florida, to remove roof rats and other rodents from your home. Our services are available throughout the area.