Deal with your unwanted bugs and rodents when you turn to American Allegiance Pest Control. Since starting our company in 2011, we have had the pleasure of helping countless clients make their spaces pest free. To learn more about our services and professionalism, read our pest control reviews in Fort Myers, FL.

“Thank God you saved my backyard and house from termites. I appreciate everything you did here, you proved to be a real professional pest control company with all the pest management and pest prevention methods used here in order to chase away the termites. I would like to say a big thank you to you and your fantastic crew!”
-Henry U.

“I was very pleased with their pest control service. This company knows how to care for its customers. They are well aware that personal care is what returns customers to their services. Pest prevention treatment was very good and intensive on a regular basis and you can tell that the technicians are very experienced and know exactly what they are doing. Thank you for helping us!”
-Charmaine D.

“Battle with termites was long and hard. I was thinking to give up when my wife suggested me a professional pest control company that is trusted and reliable. I decided to give it a try for one last time. At first they explained some important facts about pest prevention and how it is going to work. After that they started doing some permanent pest control treatment and this gave results. We live in Fort Myers, FL and I suggest to all the people who are struggling with pest control issues to get in contact with Mr Michael Deschaine and to get rid of termites. Thanks!”
-Simon D.

“Now, the fact is that American Allegiance Pest Control got the job done. I had a pest control problem and it seemed that termites are going to stay and nothing can make them go away. Yes, but then American Allegiance Pest Control showed up on stage and this was the game changer. Thanks a lot for your help here people, you just made the impossible, I have no words to thank you!”
-Karyl B.

“We were desperate for some pest control service here in Fort Myers, FL. We moved recently and we had no clue that there are pest issues in this house. So we decided to call a professional pest & extermination services to deal with this problem. We had some pest issues in the past and we know that you have to be persistent in order to chase them off. Fortunately we have found Mr Michael Deschaine and we are very thankul. He is a real professional and thanks to him we have no more pest problems in our house. Thank you!”
-Parker T.

“Pest control is no longer an issue for us here in Fort Myers, FL. We are very pleased with your service and style of work of your crew. The guys were very professional and knowledgeable. They explained to us how to protect our property from the most common pests and gave us some good advises! Thanks a lot!”
-Marco M.

“Really excellent pest control service. American Allegiance Pest Control are so helpful in terms of answering questions and Michael the exterminator is very knowledgeable, professional, and also probably the nicest guy I’ve met in a long time. I recommend them highly for any pest & extermination control issues!”
-Richard B.

“Great Pest control company! I had rodents, ants and termites in the house I bought, and after American Allegiance Pest Control came I have no problems now. They killes everything that moved 😀 I’m so thankful! Amazing pest control company!”
-Andy C.

“Pest control exterminator did an outstanding work. We have a house in Fort Myers, FL and it was attacked by pests. So it was urgent to get a professional pest control guy that can chase away these animals. Fortunately the pest control exterminator did his work very well. After a month we had no more of these creatures. Thank you!”
-Martin R.

“Pest control service was very successful. At first I noticed that termites are starting to get less and less. At this point I understood that we are going to the right direction. I would like to say thank you to Mr Michael Deschaine who is a great professional pest service manager. Pest treatment was regular and very intensive. I am happy that the day is saved now. Pest prevention methods were so effective that worked out almost immediately. Thanks again!”
-Matt S.

“Actually I would like to say thank you to your crew about the perfect pest control service. We were attacked from bed bugs not so long ago and we were desperately struggling to get rid of those bugs but with no success at all. Finally we called a professional pest control crew to deal with the problem. We understood that an ordinary family with almost no knowledge about pest service is never capable of dealing with those bugs. They are like immortal. Working with a trusted pest control company is a different thing. They are very experienced and know in which places to hit their spray in order to chase away the bugs. Great pest experts, in just a few days we were amazed from the results but we kept following their pest treatment advises because we wanted to exterminate the entire colony from our area. At this point we knew where their nest is and we permanently have treated with a pest prevention materials. In a week or so, we called a pest inspector to see how we are dealing with the problem and the things looked great. He said that our pest management is very successful and we are going in the right direction. I would like to say thank you to Mr Michael Deschaine who was there for us with the pest control issue and gave us some priceless advises how to deal with our problem. Big thank you and we will follow your pest control advises from now on!”
-Santana G.

“Me and my brother would like to thank you for saving us from termites here in Fort Myers, FL. Your pest control service was very successful there is no sign of any termites or bugs at all. Pest management was very professional and we were strictly following your pest treatment instructions until the end. You are great, thank you so much!”
-Phillip S.

“Pest service was really effective. I was a bit skeptical about the result because I know how hard is to get rid of those pests once they take over your house. I have convinced myself how important is to call a pest control expert before it is too late. A regular pest treatment is the key of keeping those bugs away from your home in a long term manner. But it requires a pest treatment every once in a while and you have to be careful to do this on a regular basis. I had so many bad experience trying to do a pest control by myself but now I have learned my lesson and I get in contact with a pest prevention inspector just to make sure my house is not invaded again. This is not a joke, you can lose your home because of termites, pest management is a must.”
-Tom F.

“The pest control service company in Fort Myers, FL I hire is American Allegiance Pest Control. They kill them all 😀 I had ants in my house and after they came I have no problems anymore! Thank you!”
-Tracey J.

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