Complete Household Pest Extermination in Fort Myers, FL

No one wants to deal with bugs and other critters at home. At American Allegiance Pest Control, we offer a series of services to help homeowners eliminate these creatures before they can lead to an infestation. Our services for household pest extermination in Fort Myers, FL, are available to do away with everything from fleas and ticks to roaches and rats. No matter how many unwanted creatures you have in your space, don’t hesitate to turn to us to exterminate house spiders and other pests.

Complete Services from Our Team

The warm Florida climate offers a prime breeding ground for pests. Many of these creatures will seek refuge in your home.

Keep your home safe for your family and yourself when you work with us for comprehensive household pest extermination options. Whether you only see a few cockroaches or rodents, chances are there is a larger infestation somewhere in your location. Our exterminator services are available for spaces of every size. We work quickly and efficiently to deliver the leading standard of service for all of our clients.

Since starting our company, we have proudly performed a series of options for clients throughout the region. You can count on us to deliver an effective solution that lets you regain control of your home from creepy crawlers like spiders and cockroaches. We spray a full perimeter around the home to create a chemical barrier that keeps fire ants and other bugs out.

Roach Control Services

If you have never seen a cockroach in your home before, the first time you spot one can be jarring. These creatures can be found anywhere in your space, but they often stay in kitchens and bathrooms. Just seeing one roach can be a sign that you have a major problem to deal with in your home.

Cockroaches need water to survive, and most are attracted to moisture-prone areas. Because this bug often hides out of sight during the day, you may not see a large number of them in your home until you have a large infestation at hand. For this reason, it is important to turn to a roach exterminator at the first sign of an issue. During your services, we perform a full inspection of your home. Once we identify the source of your bug problem, we are able to tailor our services to fit the specific situation.

Contact us in Fort Myers, Florida, to speak with us for your household extermination services. We perform pest control throughout the area.