Five Ways Pests Destroy Your Home

It’s never a good day when you discover that your home is infested with pests. These unwelcome houseguests have found their way into your home and are currently destroying everything in their path. Of course, not all pests are dangerous, but you should be aware of these five pests and how they can destroy your home.

Rats and Mice: These are some of the most dangerous pests you will find in your home. They are carriers of a host of bacteria, viruses, and diseases. Apart from their potential health danger, mice and rats will chew anything in your home, from wiring and wood to walls and insulation. As soon as you notice their presence, call for pest control in Cape Coral immediately.

Carpenter Ants: Pine, Fir, and most other types of wood don’t stand a chance against these wood destroyers. Not only can they cause structural damage to your home, but they also form their colonies inside the hollow areas they’ve created inside door frames, walls, and insulation.

Cockroaches: These are unhealthy and unwanted in any home as they carry diseases and damage your home. Cockroaches exacerbate allergies and asthma, and while they don’t eat away at the structural integrity of your home, they do attract other rodents that do cause damage.

Bed Bugs: These bugs are as unwanted as cockroaches and are harder to get rid of once they’ve moved in. Although bed bugs don’t spread any disease-causing bacteria or viruses, their presence is worrisome, and their bites annoying and painful.

Silverfish: These are another tiny insect that does not cause or spread disease, but they do cause plenty of problems in the kitchen pantry. They are extremely attracted to starchy, sugary foods and will also eat books and paper.