Common Questions Regarding Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are everyone’s worst nightmare. Is there anything more awful than the thought of sleeping with tiny bugs crawling all over you and biting your skin? If bed bugs are in your home, you need to hire a professional exterminator to get rid of them. Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding bed bug extermination and clean up after treatment.

Q: What happens after bed begs are treated?
A: Ideally, they will be eliminated after the first treatment, but because bed bugs can lay eggs five to six times per day, it may take more than one treatment to eliminate bed bugs in Fort Myers.

Q: How long does it take to get rid of bed bugs after extermination?
A: If you get a heat treatment, all bed bugs should be gone within the first treatment. However, you will want to keep a close eye out for any bed bug activity for 2-3 weeks due to bed bugs that may have been hiding in untreated rooms. As for chemical treatments, due to egg cycles, bed bugs can still be present for a few weeks. It is recommended to use bed bug traps to monitor bed bugs for 6-8 weeks post-treatment.

Q: Can I sleep in my bed after bed bug treatment?
A: Yes! Finally, you can return to a normal night’s rest in your bed. You may wish to purchase a bed bug proof mattress cover to ease your mind, but it’s not required.

Q: Should I clean the affected areas after bed bug treatment?
A: Though this is not absolutely necessary, it is recommended and very helpful. Begin by cleaning your bed sheets and clothes, washing and drying them using high heat temperatures. It’s important to remember that bed bugs are not just found in beds. It is essential to clean furniture, backpacks, and possibly your car, too.