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Every Season is Termite Season in Florida

Termite Inspection, Fort Myers, FLDespite our hopes, not all insects die when winter strikes. In Florida, termites remain active year-round. In fact, because winters in Florida are milder than in some areas, Florida winters are ideal for termites to continue to live, eat, and expand their nest.


Many times we don’t see termites in the winter because their typical “swarm” season is springtime. However, termites have a life cycle that allows them to be more or less active through each season, making them a threat to homes year-round. Subterranean and drywood termites that have found shelter and food in your home’s foundation and walls will not be as affected by cold outdoor temperatures. Termites like to build their colonies in houses because of the abundance of deadwood, the warmth it can provide, and the potential of being near water and food sources.


At American Allegiance Pest Control, our trained termite inspectors can inspect your home and identify active or previously active colonies at any time of the year. Termites aren’t as visible as ants, which is why it is important to get a termite inspection in Fort Myers, FL, to make sure that a new colony hasn’t tried to make your home their home.

Wintertime Pests In Florida

How to Get Rid of Termites, Fort Myers, FLEven though Florida is known for its mild winter temperatures, it’s easy to assume that with cooler weather comes a break from rodent and insect season. In fact, the opposite is true. With the temperatures outside dropping, many pests will try to find comfort inside your warm house. Keep your eyes open for signs of these common winter pests that are known to be in Florida during the cooler months.


Ants: These cold-blooded pests thrive in warm conditions, which is why your house is the perfect place to spend the winter. To ensure they aren’t making your home their home, avoid leaving crumbs and open containers out.


Cockroaches: When the colder months come around, these annoying pests will find homes to nest and multiply in. They can be tough to get rid of once they make your house theirs, so be extra careful about proper food storage and disposal.


Rodents: Rats and mice are quick to find a warm place to live at the first indication of colder temperatures. These pests can burrow in items throughout the home, cause damage, and are known to spread diseases through their droppings.


Silverfish: These teardrop-shaped silver bugs are found in damp, dark places slithering around on the floor. They will eat through almost anything that they come across, making them very destructive.


These four pests are known to frequent Florida area homes in the wintertime. At the first sign of unwelcome guests, including how to get rid of termites in Fort Myers, FL, contact American Allegiance Pest Control immediately. Call us today to schedule a free home inspection with one of our highly trained technicians.