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Florida Lawn Pest Control Solutions for Fall

Lawns in Florida are under constant stress due to the environment and surroundings, including heat, humidity, lack of water, reduced water retention, weeds, and fungus, among other things. Florida’s climate of warm weather and plenty of sunshine makes caring for your lawn a year-round task. Consistent maintenance is needed to ensure proper nutrition, weed control, and insect prevention, especially from lawn grubs.

Proper Maintenance
The first step to a healthy lawn involves proper mowing, trimming, and watering.

Soil Conditioning
The sand in Florida’s soil prevents it from retaining or storing nutrients. As a result, nutrients must be provided regularly to ensure good health of your grass.

Pest Control
Florida’s climate causes bug season to persist for much of the year. Pest invaders attack stems and roots, causing damage to the overall health of your lawn and plants. Quick identification and treatment is the only way to prevent diseases from spreading. However, it’s important to only apply pesticides when insects are present in high numbers and to reduce use when they are not. Florida soils have unique nutritional requirements, so it’s best to consult with Fort Myers pest control experts to ensure your lawn is properly maintained to allow for a healthy, pest-free fall.

Common Fall Insects in Florida

While some populations of insects decline as summer turns to fall, other insects that make Florida their home are just appearing. Here is a list of the three most common bugs you can expect to see and might be causing homeowners’ problems in Florida this fall.

  1. Termites: Of all the insects that can inhabit your area, termites might just be the worst and the ones homeowners dread the most. These tiny inconspicuous, wood-eating pests cause billions of dollars in damage each year and are the source of headaches and aggregation. Have your home treated and regularly inspected for termites in order to prevent them from causing any major damage.
  1. Spiders: Sure, they aren’t technically insects, but spiders are an unwelcome guest in your home. Even though Florida winters are relatively mild compared to some parts of the country, spiders will still seek refuge inside as the temperatures drop. If you notice spiders or lots of webs around your house after the weather changes, you may have an infestation. This is your cue to seek quality pest control in Cape Coral, FL, to have your home treated.
  1. Lawn Grubs: These damaging insects are really beetles in their larval stage. Fall is the time they are most prevalent in Florida when they are living in the soil and feeding off of the roots of your grass. Birds pecking at your lawn and patches of dead, rootless grass are both signs of lawn grub activity.