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Tips For A Healthy And Beautiful Lawn This Spring

Have you noticed your shrubs looking a little limp and the grass duller than usual? If you had to guess, you might assume that your lawn troubles were the result of underwatering or irregular maintenance. But did you ever consider that bugs and termites might be the trouble? Don’t get us wrong, your lawn needs plenty of TLC to grow and thrive, but it also requires pest control services to get rid of unwanted visitors. Sure, pests live outdoors, but that doesn’t mean they should have free reign over your lawn and landscaping.

Follow these lawn care maintenance tips, and your yard will stay healthy and beautiful year round.
Aerate: Aeration boosts root penetration and improves water and nutrient absorption. It also decreases the likelihood of thatch buildup.

Mow: Mowing correctly is essential to the health of your grass. The ideal height for most types of grass is three inches, but you can go as short as two inches if you prefer. Mow at different angles each time for more even growth and leave your clippings on the lawn for added nourishment.

Water: Your lawn needs an inch to an inch-and-a-half of water weekly; increase that to two inches in dry weather. Prevent water loss due to evaporation by watering in the early morning hours or at night. Fertilize monthly during the growing season.

Pest Control: With our outdoor pest control treatments, we’ll reduce the impact of mosquitos, chinch bugs, ticks, spiders, and other insects, and will keep your grass healthy and free from pests all year long.  When you need termite treatments in Fort Myers, FL, or quality pest control in Cape Coral, FL, American Allegiance Pest Control can help. Call us at (239) 985-9202 to schedule a service visit.

Carpenter Ants vs. Fire Ants: What’s The Difference?

Because of their size and the sheer number of different species, it can be difficult to identify different types of ants.  However, if you know some key characteristics of different kinds of ants, you can usually determine which variety is infesting your lawn or your home. Knowing how to distinguish carpenter ants vs. fire ants can help you protect your home and your family from painful bites and the damage these pests can do.

Three primary ways to tell the difference between a carpenter ant and a fire ant is in their coloration, nesting habits, and behavior. First, fire ants tend to be a red-brown color, while carpenter ants are generally black, brown, or a mix of orange and black. Second, fire ants nest in mounds located on the ground, while carpenter ants make their homes in hollow areas in trees, doors, boxes, walls, and ceilings. Third, carpenter ants will bite or sting if threatened, though this occurs less frequently than fire ants, which are known for their aggressive behavior and painful stings.

A bite from a fire ant is quite painful. And while only a small percent of the population is allergic to fire ant venom, multiple bites from a disturbed colony can cause severe reactions. To protect yourself, your children, and your pets, it’s important to recognize and control fire ants before someone suffers a bite. If you’re concerned you may have fire ants, and you’re asking yourself how to get rid of termites in Fort Myers, FL, as well as ants and other insects, call American Allegiance Pest Control at (239) 985-9202 to schedule preventative pest control treatments today.