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termite exterminator in Fort Myers, FL

What You Should Know About Termite Swarms

In early spring, as the weather turns warm and rain showers occur more frequently a frightening thing is happening without your knowledge; termite colonies are swarming. During this time of year, young adult male and female swarmer’s crop up in large groups, pair off and select a new location to build their colonies.

Once a male and female termite unites, they shed their wings as a symbol of their relationship. The remnants of their wings are the first signs that a swarm has nested near your home. If you find piles of small insect wings near your windows, doors, or light fixtures there is a good chance that a swarm of termites was near and a termite colony may be nesting in and around your home.

This is an important indicator that you should take action now before the colony expands and does serious damage to your home. Taking steps to eliminate the termites at this stage can be highly effective at preventing damage or the return of termites in the future.  If you see any signs that make you suspicious and you’re asking yourself how to get rid of termites in Fort Myers, FL, call American Allegiance Pest Control at (239) 985-9202. Our inspectors will develop a customized treatment plan that best fits your needs.

Carpenter ants are major household pests

Stop Ants From Invading Your Home This Spring

Springtime is ant time as millions of ants go in search of their next meal.  They are marching straight into your home in search of food. The sweeter the food, the more the ants are attracted to your home. While ants might seem like just a nuisance, they will contaminate your food, bite when threatened, and damage your property, including building nests in and around your home. If proper precautions aren’t taken to prevent ants, your home and property could become a home and feeding ground for thousands of ants in the coming weeks as the weather continues to get warmer.

Once they make your home their home, getting rid of ants can be very difficult. To prevent pests from moving in, it’s essential to keep your food preparation, food storage, and dining areas clean and free from spills and debris. Once ants discover a reliable food source, whether that means crumbs left out on the counter or fruit for them to feed on, they are likely to keep returning to that place.

If you’re asking yourself how to get rid of ants in Fort Myers, FL, we can help. More often than not, you will need to call on the professionals to safely and completely remove ants from your home. If sharing your home with ants isn’t something you want to do this spring, you’ll want to take preventative steps, including ant pest control services from American Allegiance Pest Control. Call us today at (239) 985-9202 to schedule ant pest control services at your home.