Silverfish are flat and long. This species are resilient and can live a really long time. The silverfish can live several months or years. They typically plant their eggs in the cracks of a structure and gather near food sources.

How do they thrive?

The silverfish typically identifies a food source and sets up shop near it. They are more likely to live near cardboard and paper, so any form of paper clutter could be a suitable environment for them. They can even live in the crevices of furniture, cabinetry or mirrors in a home. Attics are also a popular choice for these pests.

Treating silverfish

There are several applications that are required to successfully treat the problem. The silverfish treatment is odorless and can even deter additional pest activity. The professional grade applications used by trained technicians will create a sound barrier just outside of the affected area. Depending on the problem, the silverfish treatment may be used in the landscaping as well.

Silverfish infestation treats both adult and larvae. All varieties of silverfish can be treated with the right pest control plan. After getting an additional inspection, a pest control plan is then developed. A certified technician can create an ongoing maintenance plan that will protect against further infestation problems.