The flea can grow to be anywhere between 2 and 2.5 mm in length. The flea has a reddish, brown color that can be difficult to detect. The parasite thrives on hairy animals. Fleas spread and migrate by jumping long distances.

What do fleas live off of?

They rely on animals that are mammals to serve as host. Their diet consists of blood and fecal matter. Their preferred habitat is the coat of an animal. A domesticated animal or wild animal could act as its host. If the primary host dies, the flea will seek another host to live off of.

How the home is treated?

Homeowners are relying on a combination of methods to eliminate a flea problem in the home. Structural changes to the home such as sealing the cracks and gaps in the home is one way to curb this type of pest activity. A preliminary inspection is often conducted to assess the extent of the problem. Technicians trained in pest control can apply sprays to treat the home. Periodic treatment after the initial spraying may be required to control activity.